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There are four ways to pay: by Cash, Bank Transfer, Alipay, WeChat

1. If you will be paying by cash, please email or call 137 1808 0725 (English) / 137 1808 0313 (Chinese) to arrange cash delivery. Please note we are located in Beijing and cannot accept cash from elsewhere.

2. If you are paying via bank transfer, please transfer money to the following account. Please cite your name when transferring funds. 

Name of the Bank: 中国银行/ Bank of China 
Account name/ 收款人:刘德晖
Branch name/开户行:中国银行北京星火西路支行
Account number/账号: 6217 8501 0000 5822 898

3. If you are paying by Alipay, please send your payment to:
Account number: 13718080313

4. If you are paying via WeChat, please use the barcode below to send us your payment. Please add your name in the note/reference field.

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